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Licensing Requirements

Some commercial or industrial businesses require licensing from their Local or State Authority. Licensing requirements differ from State to State, so please contact your Local or State Government to inquire as to whether your business requires licensing. In Queensland, licensable industries are known as Environmentally Relevant Activities (ERAs). Some ERAs are devolved to Local Government to licence/administer, whilst others are devolved to State Government.


A full list of activities which are licensable ERAs can be found in Schedule 2 of the Environmental Protection Regulation 2008.

Queensland Government's Department of Environment and Heritage Protection have published Codes of Practice for Motor Vehicle Workshops and Concrete Batching facilities. Compliance with these Codes of Practice will ensure your business is meeting its environmental obligations and negate the risk of enforcement action taken by your local or state entity for pollution or environmental risk/damage.

Motor Vehicle Workshop Code of Practice - Department of Environment & Heritage Protection.

Concrete Batching Code of Practice - Department of Environment & Heritage Protection.

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