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Preparing for Local Government Health Inspections - A Guide for Food Businesses

Currently in production and coming soon, this guide is targeted at all Food Businesses in Australia who are subject to Food Licensing and Health Inspections by their Local Council. This comprehensive guide will detail all items Environmental Health Officers or Health Inspectors look at when inspecting a food premises. This guide will enable you to arm yourself with the knowledge and checklists to prepare you for your next inspection.

This guide will be available for purchase soon at a price of $25.00. Register your interest now or to reserve your copy.

Alternatively, NQ Environmental Health Services can inspect your premises and detail any issues which may be identified in your next Health Inspection from your Local Government.

Food Safety Programs

Each State in Australia have slightly different guidelines as to what food businesses are required by law to have a Food Safety Program or Food Safety Management System. However, all Food Safety Programs are written using the same general principles depending on the type of food business.

Below are some links to Food Safety Program templates which may be useful in the development of your Program. Just delete the sections which are not relevant to your business and ensure that all the business details, person/s responsible, etc are updated to reflect your business.

Queensland Health Food Safety Program Templates

Victoria Health Food Safety Program Templates

CFT QLD (training organisation) have a list of templates relevant to some States and Territories.

NQ Environmental Health Services can assist in preparing a Food Safety Program to suit you or your business's needs.

Food Standards Code - The Law!

Each State and Territory in Australia has it's own Food Legislation, usually under the title of The Food Act (year of publication). For example, in Queensland it is the Food Act 2006.

These pieces of legislation make compliance with the Food Standards Code mandatory. The Food Standards Code is a large document made up of a number of chapters and schedules. For the majority of food businesses licensed by Local Government, it is Chapter 3 of the Food Standards Code which is of most importance.

Standard 3.1.1 - Interpretation and Application

Standard 3.2.1 - Food Safety Programs

Standard 3.2.2 - Food Safety Practices and General Requirements

Standard 3.2.3 - Food Premises and Equipment

Standard 3.3.1 - Food Safety Programs for Food Service to Vulnerable Persons

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