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Food Standards Code: the 'bible' of food safety in Australia and New Zealand.

State Food Authorities:

Queensland Health

NSW Food Authority

ACT Health

Victoria Health

Department of Health and Human Services (Tasmania)

South Australian Health

Western Australia Health

Northern Territory Government

Australian Standards (for purchase):

AS 4674-2004 - Construction and Fit out of Food Premises

AS 1668.2-2012 - The use of ventilation and airconditioning in buildings - Part 2 Mechanical ventilation in buildings

Australian Institute of Food Safety: food safety education and resources

Food Safety Information Council: health promotion charity and a national voice for science-based, consumer-focused food safety information in Australia.

Health Direct: free food safety health advice.

HACCP Australia: for those wanting accreditation of a HACCP Plan, membership and other resources.

Environmental Health Australia: environmental health professional organisation in Australia which advocates environmental health issues and represents the professional interests of all environmental health practitioners.

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