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Environmental Health Consultant & Food Safety Auditor

Environmental Health Safety Food Safety

NQ Environmental Health Services is an accredited, independent and professional Environmental Health consultancy business. We specialise in both the private and public sectors and provide a large array of Environmental Health Services.

We also specialise in Local or State Government roles as an Environmental Health professional, particularly short term or project work which can be conducted offsite from your office.

Food Standard 3.2.2A is being introduced and food businesses must comply with this new Standard by 8th December 2023. Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote to assist your business in meeting this new standard.

Do you run a food business? Or are you thinking of starting a food business?

We take the pain out of food safety, including kitchen design with your draftsman, food safety programs, Council/Government Food Licensing, Food Safety Program Audits, Staff Food Safety Training and all other food safety obligations. Starting a food business could never be easier!

Get it right the first time and save yourself the time, money and hassle of starting up or running your food business. Let us take care of your food safety so you can do what you do best - creating great food for your customers!

We service all States and Territories in Australia, including Queensland, New South Wales, ACT, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

Chef Pouring Vinegar onto Food

YES! We Service Australia Wide!

We also provide a full range of Environmental Health Services, including Local Government Consulting, Development Consulting,  Mediation, Disaster Management, Public Health Risks, Environmental Nuisance (noise, dust, odour, smoke and lighting) and any consulting with regards to Environmental Law and Regulations.

Avoid the Risk of Fines or Prosecution!

Failure to comply with the various Food Safety Standards, Food Act and Regulation and the various Australian Standards and Environmental Protection legislation can lead to fines or in severe cases, prosecution from your Local or State Government. With our extensive experience in Food Safety and Environmental Legislation, we can ensure that your business, whether it be food or industrial, is compliant with the relevant laws pertaining to your business activity.

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