Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Assessments


If you are building in a rural area and there is bushland within 100m of your property, there is a high chance you will need to lodge a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Report with your Builder Certifier in order to proceed with your construction. BAL Assessments measure the distance from the proposed building to the nearest vegetation in all directions (North, South, East and West) and, combined with slope measurements, details the overall risk to your property from fire. This enables the builder to construct your dwelling based on the level of risk. BAL risks range from BAL-FZ (the highest risk), BAL-40, BAL-29, BAL-19 and BAL-12.5 (the lowest risk).

We conduct assessments under AS 3959:2018 using the simplified procedure method (Method 1) using a Nikon Forestry Pro II rangefinder with built-in inclinometer and mapping from QLD Globe and vegetation management reports sourced from the Queensland Government.

We offer this service across the Whitsunday and Mackay Regional Council areas, however can provide this service for other Council areas in Queensland if required.

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